Freelance Writers Wanted

The internet continues to grow, with over a million new users going online every week, and tens of thousands of new websites are constantly being added. The internet is experimenting with audio and video presentations, and these presentations continue to grow, but the vast majority of communication is through written text.

Authors are needed to generate content and communication for the web. This is a lot of work involving thousands of writers. A large amount of money changed hands. Rapid growth has created tremendous opportunities for free writing. Business is booming freelance writers wanted!

Most online writing is done on a contract or freelance basis. There are many sites like where buyers can post contract requirements and definitions, and authors will provide quotes and negotiate contracts. This is a freelancer’s paradise!

You hardly ever meet your customers face-to-face. Almost all contacts are made via the internet. Payment is made by sending a check, or most likely by depositing directly into your PayPal account. A typical contract requires a deposit in advance and the balance at the time of delivery must be approved by quality.

Escrow arrangements can be made to ensure that the buyer can pay. In case of disputes, an arbitration arrangement can be made. Positive and/or negative feedback about writers and buyers may be posted online for reference. The writing portfolio is sent as an email attachment.

In general, buyers are looking for acceptable quality and fast. The market for literary works or bestsellers is very weak. Webmasters want to fill web pages with readable content. They need material that is interesting and easy to read, grabs the reader’s attention and conveys useful information.

No special literary skills are required. If you can write in clear, simple English and reach grades 5-9, you can make money writing on the internet! When they say “I want to be a freelance writer”, they mean someone like you!

You don’t have to commute, you don’t have to wait for traffic, you don’t have to change your pajamas. All you need is a PayPal account, a computer and an internet connection to get started. There is no need to stop daily work. You can write contracts that can be processed in the evenings, on weekends or during free timeā€¦

You can try freelance writing opportunities. If you like this job, you can take on more contracts and write full time.

As with any other type of job, you need to understand the rules and how the work environment works before joining. Help you maximize your income and avoid costly mistakes…

Part Time Freelance Writing On Elance, Rentacoder and Guru

Many outsourced or freelance websites work the same way, with only minor differences. In this article, we will explore three well-known websites in the industry.


Elance’s design is very simple and will not confuse users. Searching for vacancies and getting a comprehensive results page is very easy. Unlike some other freelance websites, the feature of Elance is that, in addition to the bid amount, they display the number of bidders through their name and related information. The advantage of this method is that you can check who your competitors are, their reputation, etc. before determining the bid. At Elance you can browse or search for freelance writing jobs. But in order to bid on a project, you need to register an account with Elance. You can choose to register with Elance in two packages. One is a free package with limited benefits, the other is a subscription with more services and facilities. The basic package is recommended for part-time freelance writers. After creating an account you can create a profile. Unlike other websites, Elance must pass an admission test before making a bid.


RentACoder has a professional interface, which is very simple compared to many other websites. It offers many types of jobs and is one of the safest payment transaction websites because the payment for each project is hosted before the project starts. RentACoder also has a dedicated team of mediators who act as arbitrators in any disputes that may arise between the coder and the buyer. All in all, this is a very professional website that operates under strict rules and regulations. If you choose to become a part-time freelance writer at RentAcoder, it’s important to read their FAQs and other related articles about how the site works. RentAcoder is a truly global community because wherever you are, you can work and get paid on time.


With a clear interface, Guru provides high availability for freelancers to navigate and find jobs. Just like any other website, you need to create an account and profile before you can get started. To find the right item, you can browse writing categories (eg writing/editing/translating) or simply search with keywords (eg “proofreading”). As with all other sites, be sure to evaluate the deadline and leave plenty of room for yourself. In addition, make sure to place a valuable bid amount as the website takes a certain percentage of the service fee you earn.


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