Freelancing for Work at Home Opportunities: Part One

Manage your time and do the work you want to do – this is what it should be like to work from home, isn’t it? You don’t want to be a boss, you have to be your own boss! The world of freelancers is a popular way for many people to enjoy the career field they want and the flexibility to work under the conditions they want.

Working from home is one of the main advantages of freelancers. Some freelancers can rent their own office space, but most people can find a place in their home as a base for their work.

The areas of work for freelancers are very broad – we know the most common areas: writing, photography and graphic design. However, you may also find that more people are engaged in their own business through the connections made by working in an industry and the experience they have gained.

In addition, the shift to outsourcing work that needs to be done but not core responsibilities, such as accounting, computer technology, and creative work, has created many freelance opportunities. There is therefore certainly the possibility to work from home as a freelancer.

When considering freelance as a work from home opportunity, keep the following three things in mind:

‚ÄúStart small – you don’t have to become a full-time freelancer right away. You can spend some time connecting and working, then decide to rely on it to earn a full-time income. You can do it if you rely on freelancing without spending the proper time integrating your life and income, you will eventually starve.

“Get an education – sometimes you are freelancing at home with no experience. That’s okay! There are many different fields and you can get rich opportunities to work at home. Take the time to learn as much as possible. Take courses or courses The form from preparing to obtain certification or professional recognition is worth the time and money.

“Wet your feet – you might consider doing small jobs to get used to the difference between a regular job working for other people and a freelancer working from home. If you’re a freelancer, you need to think about motivation to to work, free time to do other things, discipline and things that can frustrate a lot of people – if you might get paid!

If you want flexibility and freedom at work, why not use your current expertise or learn new expertise so you can freelance at home? You can freely write, design graphic, transcribe medical records, enter data, bookkeeping, business and personal tutoring, or any other thing you enjoy. The opportunities are there, you just need to find them!

If you are considering entering the freelancing world, we understand the preparations you need to make, check out the second part of the freelance work from home opportunity!

Online Freelancer Sites Worth Checking!

In this regard, there are many sites to consider. Some are suitable for everyone, and some seem to be geared more towards specific talents. Most freelance websites focus on information technology, programming, design and multimedia, graphic design, writing, transcription and translation, sales and marketing support, and administrative support.


This website is considered to be one of the best freelance websites out there simply because of the sheer number of job openings posted each month: over 90,000.


1.8 million contractors have attracted many companies looking to recruit at competitive prices.
The field of activity is broad, from ICT to writing to administrative support.
4 types of memberships, including free options.
The user interface is probably one of the easiest to use.
Payment and hosting are done on the website, there is no third party website.
Easily start your portfolio with free tests.

Bidding wars are pushing prices and competition is fierce.
The site charges up to 8.75% commission.
Free membership limits the number of suggested bids you can make in a month, so if this becomes a full-time member, you’ll have to pay a membership fee.
Overall, Elance is a good place to start. You can then transfer the cheaper prizes with an excellent portfolio to other websites or local businesses to get better rewards.

Freelancer network

This website is one of the oldest and largest freelance websites, if they can make their user interface more user-friendly.


Use 3 other payment options to easily create a free account.
One of the largest contractors/freelancers.
One of the oldest sites with a high reputation.
Various payment methods are available.
There is a wide range of job opportunities available to bid on.

Slow customer service.
The user interface is not intuitive and difficult to use.
Fierce competition for jobs drives prices down. is another great place to find consistent work, even if it’s slower than you’re used to.

These three sites are the largest freelancers online and provide a great starting point, and oDesk is no exception.


Registration and account are completely free.
Free tests to prove skills.
Update every hour.
The hosting and payment process is well designed and fast.
Large company and work databases.

A good portfolio must be hired.
Competition forces you to be hired for unstable jobs.
Compared to other jobs, there is more focus on IT.
Based more on the company than on the individual.
If you have a mature investment portfolio and a wide range of skills, oDesk is a good place for you to earn extra income from home.

In general, these are just three of many freelance websites. To make money on a freelance website, you need to develop an excellent portfolio that showcases your skills, take a test if possible to prove your skills, verify your name, location and payment information, and for the first few jobs. lower than the average bid Do not bid below the bid because it is the lowest bid, as most contractors will give the lowest bid for fear of being scammed. Start making money right from home by using this guide to making money on freelance websites.


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